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Sometimes the best guide is good advice from someone else. Visitors of Fashion NL rated these designers as their personal favorites. We gathered this information and present to you with proud the most popular designers amongst our diverse and unique visitors.

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Want to fill your closet with Dutch design? These are the shops to visit and to get you some of Holland's finest designer items. Ranging from daring young and upcoming designers to exclusive high-end and well established designer labels. This list presents you an option within every budget!

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You need to get me some of Holland! From innovative and rebellious to elegant and timeless. Ranging from still "underground" to internationally well established. Some provide you with the best jerseys, shirts or jeans. Others are spot on with the latest fashion mindset. They are all unique and have one thing in common, for sure; there Dutch!




Iris van Herpen Biopiracy

During her autumn winter 2014 Haute Couture fashion show in Paris this week, designer Iris van Herpen showed models vacuum-packed in lunch bags. Iris van Herpen is slowly but surely becoming a permane



Made by Rain

Living in Holland means living with the rain. Sometimes when I’m ready to jump on my bike and have a really good hair day, my best pair of shoes on it often starts to rain and then I’m really done


Outfit inspiration

Fashion NL outfit inspiration

It's that time of year that it really starts to get colder, and that you cannot even wear your favourite leather jacket, not even with three thick sweaters underneath. In my mind I go through my winte


Outfit inspiration

Fashion NL outfit inspiration

With many of us embracing healthy eating and exercise to stay in shape we thought we would bring our best buys when it comes to stylish work out gear! Finally we have passed the stage of following num